Endurance Sports Coaching

What’s your goal?

Finish a marathon? Improve your Olympic triathlon finish time? Run your first 5k? Experience Mike Reilly calling out your name followed by, “You are an Ironman”?! Whether you’re competing in your first triathlon or a seasoned athlete in search of your next personal best, coaching can help you reach your goals. 


As coaches, our role is not only to provide workouts, but also to provide ongoing support and encouragement.


We believe in optimizing training time to ensure quality training while maintaing a healthy balance between athletic pursuits, family, friends, and work.


Following an initial consultation to discuss your background, current fitness level, goals, available training time, and preferences, we will create an individual training plan just for you. 


Communication is key to a successful coaching relationship and is highly encouraged. The more feedback we receive from you, the better coaching service we can provide. 


Changes to your schedule no longer need to be a source of stress.  We will adjust your training schedule to meet your real life schedule so that you never have to worry "How am I supposed to fit that workout in?".


Between the two of us we have nearly 20 years racing  and coaching experience.  Whether you're just beginning your athletic journey or you're an elite amateur we've been there and coached that.