Coach Michael Bauer

Coach Michael Bauer has experience coaching triathletes, runners, and cyclists of all ages and abilities. His certifications include USA Triathlon Level I Coach and Ironman Coach and he formerly held certification with USA Cycling. Michael has completed races of all distances from 5k and sprint distance triathlons, to Marathons, Ironman triathlon, and ultra marathons. This year he is training to represent Team Phenomenal Hope at Rad am Ring, a 24 hour, 4-person cycling relay race on the formula one race track in Nürberg, Germany.


Personal Coaching Philosophy:  Every athlete is different and has different motivations.  There are those that go into a race thinking they can win, those that are out to push their limits, and those out there to improve health and have fun. That’s why as a coach I believe in an athlete-centered approach.  This means that I do not take a one size fits all training program and try to fit an athlete to that program.  Rather I look at an athlete’s experience, ability, available time, and motivation and design an individualized program that fits their needs.  I take a data-driven approach to assigning target paces, heart rates, or power for workouts and races.This approach helps me to better track an athlete's progress, ensure that athletes are training at the proper intensity, and help athletes perform to their best ability on race day.

Coach Anne-Marie Alderson

Since 2003, Anne-Marie has competed in over 30 triathlons ranging from Sprint distance to Ironman, and more running and bike races than she can count!   In 2014 and 2015, Anne-Marie took on a new challenge and entered the world of ultra-cycling.

She competed in Race Across America (3,000 miles, Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD) on a 4-woman relay team in 2014, and in 2015, she tackled Race Across the West (860 miles, Oceanside, CA to Durango, CO) on a 2-woman duo team.  Participating in multi-day endurance races has provided a new perspective on endurance sports and brought valuable insight and lessons to share with others.

Anne-Marie’s certifications include Triathlon Coach (ITCA), Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist, Heart Zones, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.  As a coach, Anne-Marie provides not only training plans, but also ongoing feedback, encouragement, and advice and enjoys staying in close communication with her athletes.  When designing a training plan, she takes into account one’s personal obligations, available training time, and other physical activities to create a unique training approach.  Monitoring an athlete’s workouts via Training Peaks software and staying in close communication allows any adaptations or changes to a training plan to be implemented when necessary.  Anne-Marie believes endurance sports take us on a journey that teaches us lessons that extend beyond the running shoes, bike, or pool, and these lessons shape our personalities and make us better versions of ourselves.

In addition to endurance sports coaching, Anne-Marie offers nutrition consultations for metabolic efficiency.  Metabolic efficiency entails strategic manipulations and carbohydrate and protein ratios to enable the body to utilize more stored body fat for energy during racing/training instead of depending on external carb sources.  Being metabolically efficient can reduce GI distress during races, reduce the amount of calories needed during activity, improve recovery times, and lead to a leaner body composition.