Why you should hire a coach?

Whether you're preparing for a sprint distance triathlon or an Ironman, training for three disciplines can be overwhelming. Hiring a coach can make a world of difference - not only with planning workouts, but also with keeping you motivated.


Want to connect with fellow athletes? Looking for a little extra motivation? As a Truth in Motion Endurance Athlete you'll have access to a private Facebook group, Strava club and member forums.  


Whether you choose personalized coaching or one of our training plans, our training systems will have you training smarter, not harder, so you can perform your best on race day!

Benefits and Services

Truth in Motion Endurance provides the following products and services.

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Template training plans
  • Nutrition consultations

'When it comes to training, more is not always better. Quality of workout beats out quantity of workout every time.'

Co-founder, Anne-Marie Alderson